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Item #: 14114714 -

    24" Telescoping air blow gun: angle tip extends from 16 to 24". Rubber tip prevent scratching or sparking. 1/4" female NPT air inlet.

    Price: $4.39
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    Item #: 14114771 -

      Rubber tip prevents scratching and sparking. Built in shut-off. Bend tip to operate.

      Price: $4.99
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      Item #: 14114854 -

        Includes five 1/8" shank and five 1/4" shank mounted stones in assorted sizes.

        Price: $0.99
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        Item #: 14114797 -

          Performance Tool - PTFE Thread Tape (1/2" x 260") (M609C), Air Tools - Hoses & Fittings - Prevents leaks in plumbing and air lines; 1/2" x 22'

          Price: $71.49
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          Item #: 13633359 -

            All purpose gun sprays primers, base coats and clear coats. Fully adjustable spray pattern. Locking pressure regulator with pressure gauge. Operates at 18-60 PSI. Includes multi-wrench, cleaning brush, socket and fluid filter. 1.5mm needle and nozzle set.

            Price: $45.49
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            Item #: 13633367 -

              1.8mm Needle and nozzle set. For automotive, marine and shop painting applications. 1000 cc spun aluminum siphon cup. 1,000 cc dripless aluminum siphon cup. Nozzle size: 1.8mm spray pattern 6-8" cup 1,000 cc. CFM 8.5-12.

              SPRAY GUN KIT
              Price: $90.99
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              Item #: 13630090 -

                Small HVLP spray gun with 200cc paint cup and 1.2mm needle and nozzle. Large HVLP spray gun with 600cc paint cup and 1.5mm needle and nozzle. Fine adjustment knob for air flow. Includes 2 connectors, multi-wrench and cleaning brush.

                GARAGE SHOP BLOWER
                Price: $33.99
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                Item #: 12710778 -

                  120 volt corded Blower with 600 watts and 16,000 RPM of power that produces 75+ MPH of air-flow. ETL North American safety standards approved. The Performance Tool Electric Blower is a must-have convenience tool that does small jobs faster and easier than the traditional gas-powered or battery operated blower. No gas or no battery to maintain! Simply plug it in and get the job done quickly! Very light-weight and easy to handle and compact in size for ease of storage. Effortlessly and...

                  VARIABLE SPEED BLOWER
                  Price: $42.99
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                  Item #: 12710026 -

                    VARIABLE SPEED BLOWER, 700 WATT - Amazing blowing power in a compact, easy to handle size. Variable speed feature allows you to select just the right amount of power. Two piece nozzle can be used at 9 inches or 18 inches . Comfortable handle with oversized lockable trigger. Great electric broom for garage floor, sidewalks, clearing dust and saw dust from power tools, or a touch-less dry on your car. Specs: 120 V AC, 60Hz, 700W, 5.8 AMPs, 17,000 max RPM, 90 MPH (145KPH) air speed, 100 CFM, 3.3...

                    8 PCS 2 SURFACE PREPARATION KIT
                    Price: $8.69
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                    Item #: 36821734 -

                      Ideal for cleaning, blending and scuffing all surfaces. For use with die grinders and drills. Includes 6 roll rock sanding pads, surface conditioning roll lock pad and a backing pad with mandrel.

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